Marji Tohar Ho (Pramod Premi Yadav, Anjan Bindu)Marji Tohar Ho (Pramod Premi Yadav, Anjan Bindu)
Mahina Bhar Ke Pyar (Pramod Premi Yadav)Mahina Bhar Ke Pyar (Pramod Premi Yadav)
Missail Chhodelu (Rakesh Mishra, Shilpi Raj)Missail Chhodelu (Rakesh Mishra, Shilpi Raj)
Moye Moye (Alwela Ashok)Moye Moye (Alwela Ashok)
Matha Sanki Ta Bhej Deham Thana Rajau (Karishma Kakkar)Matha Sanki Ta Bhej Deham Thana Rajau (Karishma Kakkar)
Maar Chhinari Ke (Guddu Rangeela)Maar Chhinari Ke (Guddu Rangeela)
Marda Chhinar Ho Gail (Shiv Kumar Bikku)Marda Chhinar Ho Gail (Shiv Kumar Bikku)
Matha Sanki Ta Bhej Deham Thana Rajau (Karishma Kakkar)Matha Sanki Ta Bhej Deham Thana Rajau (Karishma Kakkar)
Mohabbat Ke Season (Shivani Singh)Mohabbat Ke Season (Shivani Singh)
Mor Piyawa (Karishma Kakkar)Mor Piyawa (Karishma Kakkar)
Mohabbat Ke Bazaar Mein (Awanish Babu, Antra Singh Priyanka)Mohabbat Ke Bazaar Mein (Awanish Babu, Antra Singh Priyanka)
Mohabbhat Diwana Bana Diya (Alam Raj)Mohabbhat Diwana Bana Diya (Alam Raj)
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